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Woody Woodpecker Favourites is a Woody Woodpecker DVD.


Earlier this week we reported that Universal is bringing out a single-disc DVD release called Woody Woodpecker - Favorites. This low-priced disc ($19.98 SRP, and available at a nice discount if you pre-order using the Amazon button below) was said to come out on March 10th with 20 shorts and 2 full episodes of the TV show (four cartoons each), but we didn't have details of those contents - or package art, either - from the studio on the day of the announcement.

Well, animation expert Jerry Beck - who has worked on the Woody Woodpecker DVD releases for Universal - solved that problem the other day by posting all the details and box art at his Cartoon Brew blog. If that's not a regular stopping point for you, then you should bookmark it right now!

Woody Woodpecker Shorts

  1. Knock Knock
  2. Pantry Panic
  3. The Barber of Seville
  4. Ski for Two
  5. Chew-Chew Baby
  6. The Dippy Diplomat
  7. The Loose Nut
  8. Who's Cookin' Who?
  9. Bathing Buddies
  10. Fair Weather Fiends
  11. Musical Moments from Chopin
  12. Banquet Busters
  13. Wet Blanket Policy
  14. Sleep Happy
  15. The Redwood Sap