The Legend of Rockabye Point

Directed by

Tex Avery

Produced by

Walter Lantz

Story by

Michael Maltese

Music by

Clarence Wheeler

Animation by

Ray Abrams
Laverne Harding
Don Patterson

Backgrounds by

Raymond Jacobs

Distributed by

Universal International

Release date(s)

April 11, 1955

Color process


Running time

6 minutes

The Legend of Rockabye Point is a 1955 Chilly Willy cartoon directed by Tex Avery and produced by Walter Lantz. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Animated Short Film, but lost for Speedy Gonzales.


An old sailor tells the legend of a starving polar bear (Maxie) who attempted to steal food but kept running into a vicious guard dog. To placate the beast, the bear must sing "Rock-A-Bye Baby" to him to make him nod off. Unfortunately the dog wakes quickly at the slightest noise, and is cranky. The dog eventually chases the bear up a tall mountain. At the end of the picture the sailor says if you listen carefully you can to this day still hear the lullaby at night. Indeed, at the peak the pair stand—both very old and grey now—with the bear holding the dog tenderly and singing "Rock-A-Bye Baby".



Tex Avery Chilly Willy The Legend Of Rockabye Point 1955

Tex Avery Chilly Willy The Legend Of Rockabye Point 1955

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