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Take Heed, Mr. Tojo is a 1943 Misc Short created for the US Navy featuring Mr. Hook.


In the anytown U.S.A 1953, we see Mr. Hook sleeping when his son is trying to scare him and he doesn't scare of him. Then, he begins to explain him how war bonds helped win the war. In the story, we see Mr. Hook washing away when someone gives him a radiogram saying "Jap Plane Sighted - Intercept!" and immediatly goes to the captain to tell him and anunts evribody. Then roles of planes goes to fight and Mr. Hook sees teh chinese and immediatly hides in the water. But when he shooted in his buckets, immeadiatly begins to fight with him and that's the story.


  • The only known Hook episode produced by Walter Lantz for the United States Navy during World War II. The other known episodes in the series were done by Leon Schlesinger Productions (Warner Bros.) and were in black and white.
1943 Take Heed Mr. Tojo - The First Mr

1943 Take Heed Mr. Tojo - The First Mr. Hook Cartoon!