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[[Sugarfoot AHorsesTale-1-|250px]]
Sugarfoot, as seen in "A Horse's Tale"

(art by Walter Lantz Studios).

first app.:

"A Horse's Tale" (1954)

last app.:

"Wild Bill Hiccup" (1970)


Woody Woodpecker

Sugarfoot SpookANanny-1-

Sugarfoot as seen in"Spook-A-Nanny" (art byWalter Lantz Studios).

Sugarfoot is a Walter Lantz character, who made his first appearance in the cartoon "A Horse's Tale", in 1954. He appears again in 1954's "Hay Rube". He is later seen as a supporting character in The Woody Woodpecker Show. Sugarfoot's final appearance was in 1970, in the Woody Woodpecker short "Wild Bill Hiccup".

List of appearances (incomplete):

  • "A Horse's Tale" (02/15/1954)[1][2]
  • "Hay Rube" (06/07/1954)[3][4]
  • "Spook-A-Nanny" (10/??/1964)[5][6]
  • "Wild Bill Hiccup" (??/??/1970)