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Spook-A-Nanny is a 1964 Woody Woodpecker Show Halloween Special featuring Woody Woodpecker and friends, sponsored by Kellogg's. (The Kellogg's branding appears in the program.)


The special begins with a cartoon of Woody Woodpecker in a live action segment with Walter Lantz where Woody is tasked with blowing up balloons for the party while they discuss which of his cartoon friends they are inviting to the party.

During the live action segment they break away for a Kellogg's commercial and one or two cartoon shorts.

As the cartoon portion of the special begins, Woody is in a ghost costume headed to the party. Trick-or-treat mishaps land Woody in the basement where he sees the Spook-A-Nannies. The Spook-A-Nannies are four hep ghosts playing a cool version of the Woody Woodpecker theme on 3 acoustic guitars and a banjo. Woody takes the place as the smaller fourth Spook-A-Nanny with the banjo and the ghosts scare everyone upstairs.

Chilly Willy bashes the ghosts with a mallet. When he bashes Woody, he goes to the piano and starts the Spook-a-Nanny song. The cartoon turns more or less into a music video with everyone singing along, dancing, and/or playing pin the tail on the donkey.

After the song, the special returns to a live action Walter Lantz who implores the kids at home watching to be polite when trick or treating and to not play tricks that are harmful. "Help make Halloween a night that everyone will enjoy." The special ends with Woody and the Spook-A-Nannies doing a brief reprise of the Spook-A-Nanny song and a final mention of Kellogg's.



Space Mouse doesn't speak except to sing along during the Spook A Nanny song.


  • Saalfield released 2 Inlaid Puzzles (1) (2) in 1968 based on this cartoon.
  • Saalfield released a Coloring Book in 1968 based on this cartoon.
  • Saalfield released an Rub-A-Pencil Book in 1968 based on this cartoon.



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