Directed by

Sid Marcus
Paul J. Smith
Robert Owan

Written by

Cal Howard

Produced by

Norman E. Gluck
Walter Lantz

Animated by

Ray Abrams
Al Coe
Arthur Davis
Ray Huffine
Lester Kline
Art Landy
Joe Voght

Spook-a-Nany it's an Walter Lantz Hallowen Specials that features Woody Woodpecker and other Walter Lantz characters like:Buzz Buzzard, Wally Walrus, Andy Panda, Splinter & Knothead, Chilly Willy, Smedley, Space Mouse, Sugarfoot, Homer Pigeon and Elmer the Great Dane.


The all begin when we see Woody Woodpecker in a ghost costume and he tries to scare a owl but the owl is not scare of him. Smedley sees him and he announces everybody and when Woody Woodpecker knock at the door the Walter Lantz characters makes many jokes. Then Woody sees a ghost trio and he costumed in one of they and into in the house and everyone scared. Chilly Willy then trained a mallet on the ghost and discovered Woody. Then Woody goes to the piano and sing the song Spook-a-Nanny. Meanwhile Woody sings the song while the other Walter Lantz characters play more games. Then Woody laugh and makes a "boooo!"


Chilly Willy - Spook-A-Nanny (HQ)

Chilly Willy - Spook-A-Nanny (HQ)

Notes Edit

This is the only time Chilly Willy had a speaking role as for Space Mouse does not have a speaking role except where they are singing Spook a nanny