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Pete is a major antagonist in the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series. He also appeared as a rival to Meany, Miny, and Moe in two cartoons in 1937, The Steel Workers, and The Stevedores. He originated from Disney, then went to Lantz, though Pete was still owned by Disney, but gave him a new look, thus making him the only character from Disney to be owned by two different companies.


After Charles Mintz and most of his animators were fired from making more Oswald cartoons in 1929, Laemmle selected Walter Lantz to produce the new series of Oswald shorts (the first of which was 1929's Race Riot). Lantz consulted Disney about Oswald and he gave Lantz his blessing to continue the Oswald series as the Mickey Mouse shorts had become more successful so the two became close friends, thus Disney let Lantz use Pete (with his original bear design), but still own Pete as their character to Disney as well and not just Lantz, and including Sadie who was renamed Kitty in the series.

Later Appearances

After Spring in the Park (1934), Pete wouldn't return in another cartoon until 1937 which he appeared in two Meany, Miny, and Moe cartoons, which were, The Steel Workers, and The Stevedores. However, after The Stevedores, Pete was never used again in another Walter Lantz cartoon since.

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  • The Steel Workers
  • The Stevedores