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Maw and Paw
Maw and Paw (art by Walter Lantz Studios).

first app.:

"Maw and Paw" (1953)

last app.:

"Feudin Fightin-N-Fussin" (1968)

Maw and Paw are Walter Lantz characters, who made their first appearance in the cartoon "Maw and Paw", in 1953. Their final appearance was in 1968, in "Feudin Fightin-N-Fussin". They are based on the Universal's popular Ma and Pa Kettle film series.

List of cartoonsEdit

List of appearances:

  • "Maw And Paw" (08/10/1953)[1][2]
  • "Plywood Panic" (09/28/1953)[3][4]
  • "Pig In A Pickle" (08/30/1954)[5][6]
    - later reissued as "The Piggy That Stayed Home"
  • "Paw's Night Out" (08/16?/1955)[7][8]
  • "Fightin Feudin-N-Fussin" (1968)

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