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[[LilEightball AHauntingWeWillGo-1-|250px]]
Lil' Eightball, as seen in "A Haunting We Will Go" (art by Walter Lantz Studios).

first app.:

"The Stubborn Mule" (1939)

last app.:

"A Haunting We Will Go" (1939)

Lil' Eightball is a Walter Lantz character, who made his first appearance in the cartoon "The Stubborn Mule", in 1939. His final appearance was in 1939, in "A Haunting We Will Go".

"A Haunting We Will Go" is the first Walter Lantz cartoon made in three-strip Technicolor. From this point onward, all of the Lantz cartoons would be produced in color.

List of appearances:

  • "The Stubborn Mule" (07/03/1939)[1][2]
  • "Silly Superstition" (08/28/1939)[3][4]
  • "A Haunting We Will Go" (09/04/1939)

Trivia Edit

  • The cartoon Li'l Eightball, is also named after a 6 barreled Skjarr Rocket Launcher from Unreal Gold:the Eightball Gun and the eigith ball in pool