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I'm Cold is a 1954 Chilly Willy cartoon directed by Tex Avery.


Chilly Willy is freezing in his igloo home (he lives in Coldernell, Alaska) and burning everything he owns in the fireplace to keep warm. He notices an ad for the local fur factory and realizes that warmth is only a visit away. Unfortunately, it is guarded by a rather unexcitable watchdog who foils Chilly's attempts to steal the furs. Finally, he locks every fur in the storage bin but this doesn't stop Chilly who starts eyeing the watchdog's fur and makes various attempts to remove it from him.


  • The first appearance of Smedley the Dog.
  • First onscreen credit Tex Avery since his depature in 1935. I'm Cold was the first of four shorts that Avery directed for Lantz in 1954-55.
  • Reissued as Some Like It Not by Castle Films.


Chilly Willy 02 I'm Cold ms

Chilly Willy 02 I'm Cold ms